There’s No Such Thing as Balance (re-blog)

The following is an excerpt from a blog I wrote for, which is a place for students to write about the seminary experience.

My job allows me to chat with distinguished seminary professors every week. During one such conversation, I asked the professor what advice he would give to a young student trying to balance school, work, ministry, and family—i.e., me. His response?

“There’s no such thing as balance.”

He went on to explain that if a student were to balance every demanding area of life, he could only give a modicum of attention to each. For example, when you’re at your day job, do you balance it with family and ministry? Would you, while at your desk, be bouncing your child on your knee and inviting church members over for a spiritual talk or Bible study? No, you’re working. While at work, you work.

Instead of balance, this professor commends single-minded focus and devotion to each thing in its time. There will be times when you must skip dinner with your family for the sake of work. Or perhaps, for the sake of a final paper, you’ll be unable to take your kid to the park. Devote yourself to the task at hand, prioritizing it above the others. That is the only way to accomplish anything with excellence.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might . . .” (Eccles. 9:10).


Read the rest at and share it with a seminary student you know!


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