I Won An Indian Spice Pack from AlmostIndianWife.com

I was surprised this morning to get three jars of beautiful, colorful spices delivered to my desk. I had recently entered a contest on the wonderful cooking blog AlmostIndianWife.Com and I’m pleased to say that I won!

She was giving away a jar of chili powder, a jar of turmeric, and an exciting jar of methi. The colors are bright and beautiful, and the smells sharp and exotic. I can’t wait to try one of her recipes out with this excellent starter kit!

Almostindianwife.com is a terrific blog from an american woman who married into an Indian family. The blog tells her ongoing story of learning and loving a new culture, and—my favorite part—she shares authentic Indian recipes that she and her family frequently enjoy. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who loves following a like-minded soul, a college student who needs to learn something other than ramen, or a husband who wants to wow his wife with some wonderful Indian cuisine, this is a blog you should be following! Read more about the author here.

Check out AlmostIndianWife.com


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