Reading Like Thomas Edison

Finally, I have found a man who approaches his work, and really his life, like I approach my books and studies. My wife teases me that I haven’t finished a book in years—which isn’t quite true—because I tend to start a book, read until I’m bored, then pick up a new book. I now am in the middle of roughly one dozen books, that will likely take me a year to finish, or more.

In an interview with The Century magazine, Thomas Edison said:

I never think about a thing any longer than I want to. If I lose my interest in it, I turn to something else. I always keep six or eight things going at once, and turn from one to the other as I feel like it. Very often I will work at a thing and get where I can’t see anything more in it, and just put it aside and go at something else; and the first thing I know, the very idea I wanted will come to me. Then I drop the other and go back to it and work it out.


3 thoughts on “Reading Like Thomas Edison

  1. Good to read this post. I too read like this. I currently have over a dozen books going excluding the ones on my Kindle. Ah well. Like you I read until I am bored with it or have a flash of insight that takes me to new places and ideas. That will often trigger the addition of another book! Good post.

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