The Design Spectrum

Below the break is the full text of B. B. Warfield’s review of the Book God’s Image In Man, And Its Defacement, In The Light Of Modern Denials.

It seems to me that Warfield has been misunderstood as to his views on the origin of humans.  The passage below seems to assert a very clear distinction between “creation” and “evolution.”

Surely “evolution” means just “modification”; and “creation” just “origination”: and surely “modification” and “origination” are ultimate conceptions and mutually exclude one the other. You cannot” originate” by “modifying ”; you cannot” modify “by ” originating.” Whatever comes by ” evolution ” that certainly cannot arise by ” creation”; and whatever is ” created” certainly is not “evolved.” The old definition of “creation” as the making of something ” partim ex nihilo, partim ex materia naturahter inhabili—ex materia inhabili supra maturm vires aliquid producere,—is certainly the sound one. Unless…

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