Kregel Academic: Reviews forthcoming

Reviews Are Imminent

The kind folks over at Kregel Academic have graciously agreed to send me books in exchange for reviews.

So, in the coming weeks and months, pop by on occasion and see what’s new! I will also be keeping more up to date with Logos products that may be of interest, as well as recipes—because it’s my blog, and I can!

About Kregel Academic

Sensing a growing need for solidly evangelical works, Kregel Publications began in 1949 to supply resources to meet the spiritual needs of evangelical readers as well as the professional needs of pastors, missionaries, teachers, and Christian leaders. Today Kregel’s backlist has over 900 titles including books in Christian education and ministry, contemporary issues, Christian living, fiction, and Biblical studies, in addition to reprints of classic works. Kregel Publications represents Lion Hudson plc of Oxford, England in the North American market as the exclusive distributor of Monarch Books and Candle Books and the religious market distributor for Lion Books and Lion Children’s Books.


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