Tweet with the Best

To show the power of the one-forty, all my comments will be constrained to 140 characters in the true Twitter fashion.

A General Guide

It’s not about you: You can assume that people are less interested in you and more in what you have to offer. It’s all about your followers!

Use a profile picture: If you don’t have a profile picture, people will either not take you seriously, or think you’re spamming. Post a pic!

Spell accurately: Don’t give in the temptation of “how r u 2day?” It may take creativity, but you can say what you need in 140 characters.

Engage your followers: Asking questions, either broad or specific and personal, helps your followers feel valued. Show them you care!

Manners: Be courteous in all your interactions. Don’t slander or mock, but always encourage and build up. Who wants to follow a mean person?

Mention others: Use @name when talking about a Twitter user. This gives all your followers a link to click on, and will be appreciated.

Don’t alienate: If your followers tend to be middle-aged entrepreneurs, boasting about your video game statistics may not be the best idea.

Find like-users: Look for Twitter users who like what you like. Not only may you find a new buddy, but you may get ideas of who to follow.

ReTweet unselfishly: many people copy a tweet and add “RT:” so that they’re name is prominent. Instead, just hit the “ReTweet” button.

How To Get Retweeted

Do unto others: If you want people to ReTweet your messages, you need to be in the practice of ReTweeting as well. Be generous!

Just ask: If you really want your message to spread, simply ask for a ReTweet. Don’t abuse this power, but when needed it does work!

Include a link: A Tweet is more interested if it leads to something else. Include a relevant link to something fascinating in your message.

Don’t mention yourself: People are more likely to ReTweet when your message doesn’t revolve around you. Be interesting, not self-centered!

Schedule your tweets: paying attention to time of day can help you gain notice. Aim for break times if nothing else (9am, noon, 5pm).

Ask “Why?”: If you are writing a tweet, take a moment and ask yourself why anyone would want to ReTweet it. Is it news? Humor? Information?

Enjoy the unique world of Twitter, and follow me @jonthewatson!


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